Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guess Who had a Birthday...

... my little brother, Maxwell Kosey Collins. 
He is 15 years old guys, 15!

And he managed to somehow get a weeklong celebration with 
dinner at Tepanyaki on Thursday,  
breakfast at Magleby's on Saturday, 
and a party on Sunday (where he got 2 cakes? Go figure.) 

He is the number one favorite child in our family and knows it haha.

Pretty pretty girls! My cousin Caroline is on the right and my sister's roommate Emily is on the left.  
 Fun fact: Emily is the sister of my old roommate Rachel! 
When my sister was trying to figure out who to live with in the dorms, Rach and I came up with the genius idea to have our sisters live together and voila! They are BFF's.

This is how Sunday dinners always end up: The ladies all sit around chatting, and the men... I actually don't really know what they go do, but I'm sure it's very manly - right Jean Paul? :)

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