Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Look Back at 2013:

2013 was an amazing year. 
In some ways the most trying and exhausting year of my life, and also the most rewarding and fulfilling (and fun) year of my life. 

I studied for and took the MCAT, we moved to Europe for the summer, I attended medical school interviews, and graduated from college. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

But now, because this little blog has turned into something like an online record of my life, a look back at 2013:

I went snowshoeing for the first time in my life and loved it,

I attended the Sundance Film Festival and saw some really fantastic films. 

I went to my friend Hayley's wedding reception and 

hosted the 3rd annual Pizza-and-Pazookies Valentines group date.

We took family pictures before my sister left on her LDS mission to New Jersey, 

I was a bridesmaid for my really good friend Rachel (who I also set up with her husband Craig (!!!) and also now they're having a little girl in April!)

JP and I attended the BYU Law School Ball

and got waffles from the waffle truck!

Then we went to a wedding up at Sundance

and another wedding with a gorgeous view

We cheered on the BYU rugby team to winning the national championships

and went to Arizona so I could take the MCAT!

Then we sort of moved to Europe and explored:

>>> Ireland
Vienna <<<
>>> Bruges
 PARIS <<<
>>> Germany
London <<<

Then we came back home and attended this wedding, and this wedding

We went Crawdad fishing and 

And then guess what? We went to another wedding!

We hosted a chili-cook-off party and attended a pumpkin carving party!

We also hosted a Halloween party that was tons of fun and the 3rd annual Pie Party experienced its most successful year yet!

Then we celebrated Christmas with some decorations and a little gingerbread cookie get-together!

Thanks so much for reading. I love your sweet comments and I really enjoy sharing pieces of my life on here!

Here's to 2014!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding: Markell & Jordy

Friday December 27 was a gorgeous, freezing day for the marriage of one of my best friends Markell and her fiancé Jordan! 
I announced their engagement here.
It was a beautiful wedding and they were glowing all day with happiness, you could honestly see it.
I love weddings! Especially when someone you love has found the person they are meant to be with, AAH it's the best. 
And now, a million pictures: 
(all photo cred for these pictures goes to my sis-in-law Shayla, she's the greatest.)

Except the ones at the very bottom, which you'll definitely want to see, trust me.

^^^Her dress was unbelievable! It was her mom's, and was made by her grandma!^^^

 ^^^ haha! we got caught instagramming ^^^

 These are a few of her BREATHTAKING bridals taken by her photographer Tracy Hill!! 
The same girl who took my bridals!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hey There Mr. Gingerbread Man:

Christmas spirit is really getting ramped into overdrive over here. 
On Sunday night we ended up having an early christmas celebration complete with Uno, Trivial Pursuit, laying by the fire, gift exchanging, and 2 different kinds of cookie-baking!
If a night like that doesn't scream Christmas is here, then I don't know what does :)

Even JP has been bitten by the Christmas bug! 
Before heading to start making dinner and preparing for the festivities he asked me if I thought we should wear our matching Santa shirts we got last year
I obviously replied with a resounding yes, whilst trying to hide my shock and glee that he actually suggested it. 
Matching Santa shirts. That guy kills. me. 

So, the girls baked and decorated about a hundred gingerbread cookies while the guys ate most of them and played games and dubbed themselves the "Team of Destiny." 

The best part of the night might have been at the very end, when we walked our friends out to their cars and somehow a full-blown snowball fight began between the "team of destiny" and me and Kimmi. Which meant we both ended up getting pushed/tackled down the snow covered hill. 
Snow down your back and in your shoes is the best. :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Those Christmas Lights...

If you live in Utah, it's pretty much not even Christmas until you've been to Temple Square and seen the Christmas lights. 

So, this weekend we (JP and I, with our friends Eric and Kimmi -- remember them?) made the trek up to SLC with a desire to see the lights and try out a certain highly recommended restaurant (which didn't exactly turn out... seeing as someone forgot their ID... that someone may have been me... BUT we ate somewhere fantastic regardless. Now, back to the lights.)

If you want to get in the Christmas spirit, my goodness just put on a million layers, grab some hand warmers, throw on a scarf (it's a game changer, truly) and head to Temple Square! 
It's amazing! And there is always someone getting proposed to right in front of the reflection pond, it's just fantastic haha. 

^^^ hahaha. She'll kill me but it's too funny.

Want to know what else will send you right into the Christmas spirit? 
Listening to THIS
Over and over and over. 
You're welcome. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Snippets:

Here are a few glimpses of our Christmas decorations!
Oh I am such a sucker for Christmas decorations. 
There is nothing more magical to me than christmas lights, honest. 
In fact, it has pained for me for 3 years now that I don't have a mantle to decorate. 
That is definitely a requirement for our next apartment.


 ^^^ these little guys are my favorite! please pardon the dusty bookshelves. It's finals week. 

^^^ the best/worst ornament on our tree for sure. We got it as a gift when we were first married and it's so gaudy and hideous and wonderful all at the same time haha. 

^^^ brown paper packages tied up with string
(catch the refererence? ;)

^^^ Advent calendar!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Guess What I Was Doing 1 Year Ago Today...

I was on a plane, flying to AUSTRALIA to meet JP's extended family and celebrate Christmas with them!

Want to know what I'm doing this year?
Studying for finals.
Well not right at this very moment, funny how blogging suddenly became very important to accomplish at 10 PM the night before finals week starts... But I guess maybe that's a side-effect of GRADUATING?!

Yep, that's right. I celebrated my last day of undergraduate classes last week!
There's a post coming about that, don't you worry haha. 

Speaking of, sorry for the two-week absence!
Real life started piling up, combined with a little medical non-emergency and trying to get the most out of my last few weeks as an undergraduate at BYU and somehow blogging got pushed to the back burner. 
But I'm back now! With a whole slew of posts ready for the next week and some very exciting news coming right this way (is your interest peaked yet? ha.... ha...)

But in honor of me wishing I was on an airplane instead of filling out a google doc, here are a few pictures from Australia last year:

If you feel like reminiscing with me, feel free to read my Australia posts here:
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