Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rugby National Champs!

 This past Saturday was spent cheering on the BYU Rugby team as they played Cal for the Rugby National Championships!
My 2 cousins play on the team, as well as a few friends so it's always so fun to go watch them play but this time was even more exciting because you see, BYU normally beats the opposing team by like 70 points, but this game was tied down to the very end and BYU managed to kick a field goal at the last second for the win!
JP really loves rugby and grew up playing it (it's huge in South Africa in case you didn't know... and also everywhere else in the world...) so he is a good sport and is constantly is telling me what is going on and why that person has to sit out for 10 minutes and why the players are only throwing the ball behind them :) 
And I may or may not have consumed a hot dog, dippin' dots (I thought they had gone out of business! Nope. Still available at rugby games apparently. love it.), a diet coke, and a bag of popcorn throughout the duration of the game -- apparently rugby games make me really hungry?

 ^^^ CHAMPIONS! Everyone had to rush the field, naturally. 

 ^^^ aaaand then a BYU player got down on his knee and PROPOSED! It was AWESOME. 

 ^^^ Love this guy! Look at his cute rugby shirt.

^^^ Cousins! Love them. 


  1. My friend Anna is the one who got proposed to! So cute!!

  2. Rugby <3 Love this post! :)