Friday, May 31, 2013


Which means you don't have to read anymore of my ramblings about being stressed to the max haha thanks for bearing with me through all these months!

I took the MCAT yesterday morning, and I think it went well! I won't find out my score for about a month, but the stress is gone!

And yesterday was May 30.... remember what that means?? SHOPPING FAST = OVER!
Guys, I totally recommend it if you're looking for a little budget cleanse/boost/whatever. For one thing, I am SO excited to go shopping now and to be honest, I've realized how many things I thought I "needed" were actually pretty unnecessary...

Woohoo! I went to the Scottsdale Mall (I took the MCAT in Arizona) straight from the testing center and promptly purchased 4 Sprinkles cupcakes (remember how much I love them?) and some white pants I've been eyeing from H&M, along with a swimsuit and some hair barretts... so I'm back in business! haha. 

We're staying here for the rest of the weekend celebrating my brother-in-law graduating from medical school and my newest little niece is getting blessed on Sunday! So we're just making a party out of it :)

My father-in-law rented a house in Phoenix and it's been so much fun -- there's a little river behind it with a boat and I spent the majority of today in the pool with my other niece Gwenna. 

Post-MCAT life is just as wonderful as I imagined it would be haha. 


  1. WOOHOO! congrats! I am going to have to try that shopping fast!

  2. You go girl, I know you did wonderful! Hope y'all had a great weekend - sure looks like it : )