Monday, July 28, 2014

Root-root-root for the home team:

On our last night in California we tore ourselves away from the sand and water to go to an Angel's baseball game!
It was "Mormon Night" and seeing as we're Mormon (LDS, etc), and also seeing as they were giving away FREE HAWAIIAN THEMED ANGEL'S JERSEYS (see below) at the game, it was practically fate and we had to go. 

I haven't been to a professional baseball game in quite a few years, so I had forgotten how much fun they are (even when you are literally on the highest row -- in all the pictures you can see that we're up against the wall haha) and also how delicious ballpark food is.
I managed to down an icee, crackerjacks (had to), a pretzel, some nachos, and a chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream cone though out the game...  and also I bought a hat so that makes me an official Angel's fan, right?

Ooh and the Angel's won!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

If you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you're lucky enough:

JP and I have just returned from a fabulous week-long (and much needed) vacation at the beach!
Capistrano Beach, to be exact. In San Clemente, California. 

I've vacationed there every summer with my whole extended family since before I can remember and it's where JP proposed to me 3 years ago!
And what a fabulous week it was. As we were packing up to come back home we all agreed that we couldn't remember a week that has gone by so quickly or a vacation that was so hard to leave from. It was just such a wonderful little respite from real life!
We stayed in a beautiful beach house, right on the sand and steps away from the sea. We swam in the ocean, kayacked with dolphins (twice!), boogie-boarded for hours, read books on the sand, played games every night, laughed til we cried, and came away from it all with a renewed determination to own a beach house someday ;)

^^^me, JP, and my little brother!

^^^ There were many intense games of "Spikeball"

^^^ the house had this neon sign that we thought was pretty ironically humorous

^^^ my dad caught a 30lb tuna fish! That then got turned into the most delicious ceviche and seared tuna I have ever eaten, ever.

I am thoroughly convinced that if you're lucky enough to be at the beach, you are lucky enough.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mid-Summer's Evening Wedding: Katy + Taylor

JP and I attended the most gorgeous wedding reception this past weekend. 
Seriously, between the manicured hedges, globe string lights, the most talented DJ I've heard in a while, and the fabulous company, we stayed all night and even beyond the bride and groom's grand sparkler-lined exit (much to the dismay of those working at the venue and attempting to clean up... Sorry! Too much excitement and catching up with friends!)

Katy and her now-husband Taylor were radiating happiness, which I always think is just the most lovely thing -- there's nothing better than when you can really tell that the newly married couple are enjoying themselves at their own party!

It was a beautiful night, the food was delicious, and we might have managed to make ourselves at home on the dance floor... I still can't believe JP has transformed me into someone who likes to dance! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Independence Day!

This is late! But we had a fabulous 4th of July!
 Not having internet realllllly cuts into the blogging game... we're going on a month now internet-free at our apartment... yikes.

Anyway, the festivities started at the crack of dawn by attending the annual breakfast-in-the-park (no pictures from that shindig... you don't want to see me at 7AM anyway). 
Donuts, flag raising ceremony, you know, the works. 
Actually it probably started the night before when JP and I rode vespa scooters up and down the parade route along with Eric and Kimmi (a grand tradition in Provo is to sleep out the night before the parade and "save" your spot... we didn't sleep out but we did see a lot of our friends and fireworks and enjoyed how lively everyone was even at midnight!)

After the breakfast it was off to the parade! Mostly just to chat with friends and eat more good food, but the actual parade wasn't too shabby either! Provo really knows how to celebrate the fourth right. 

Then I might have taken a little nap ;)

The evening was full of time spent with family, BBQing sliders, games on the lawn, and firework watching from the balcony! My parents live on the mountain so their view can't be beat!

Hope you had a safe and happy fourth!! Hooray for America!

Monday, June 30, 2014

HOW is June over??

I feel like I am experiencing Summer in two dimensions this year -- since I am working full time I feel like these summer days are flying by at an unreasonably fast pace, but since I start medical school in just over 1 month (!!!) I have put special effort into crossing things off my summer bucket list (i.e. food trucks, shaved ice, hiking, swimming, scooter rides, bbq's, etc etc) so I feel like I've enjoyed so much of summer already! Conflicting emotions I tell ya. Weird to think that just 1 year ago JP and I were settling into our littler 100 sq. foot apartment in Paris, France for the summer. Oh my heart aches for that little flat when I see all my friends travelling around Europe via instagram! (Does anyone else feel like this is the summer of everyone-travel-around-europe-for-weeks-at-a-time?? Just my instagram feed? It's painful in a happy-for-them-but-wish-i-was-there sort of way.)


These past few weeks have been full of Game of Thrones, lots of tennis playing, way too many treat runs (sodalicous, rita's, shaved ice, ice cream straight from the box... we're not picky haha) and most lately of all:

My sweet friend has 7 giant rabbits and I visited them yesterday and was in absolute heaven. I think I've said this before but the quickest way to my heart is through a small furry animal haha. JP hates it (he has "allergies" haha. Poor animal-hating guy). 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

When your outfits are a little too coordinated // Abigayle + Mo's Wedding

This past Thursday I left work a little bit early and jumped on the frontrunner train to head up to Salt Lake City to meet JP. 
We were headed to a wedding up Millcreek Canyon and he'd been working in Salt Lake all day already and was going to pick me up from the train station.

So, you can imagine my absolute horror when I step off the train all dressed for the wedding in my camo skirt and h&m crop top and see him waiting there, also dressed for the wedding, in his camo shirt I just bought him. 

We matched. In camo. 

I started laughing so hard that I was crying, and there was nothing to be done about it so up to the wedding we went. 

It was a fabulous wedding reception at the neatest venue; all nestled in the trees surrounded by mountains and cliffs. 
Not to mention the bride and groom were freaking adorable and the food was amazing (beef and pork sliders with avocado and grilled onions!)

We didn't know a lot of the guests at the reception so I am sure there were more than a few confused people wondering who the couple in matching camouflage outfits were hahaha. I still haven't decided if it was a high or low point of our wedding-attending careers.
Congrats Abby and Mo!!

PS - my sis-in-law Shayla took Abigayle and Mo's engagements (here here and engagement video here) and bridals (HERE) and they are AMAZING! You should definitely check them out!