Thursday, June 4, 2015


Let me tell you a little bit about the little town we made our home base (that I mentioned in my last post).

"French City by the Sea"

(the literal translation and also the perfect description)

It is DARLING. You drive through Nice (people seem to really like Nice and we all agreed it was a bit overrated and also kind of old and dirty...) and then right on the other side in the next little harbor/cove is the beautiful city of Villefranche!

AH everyone should go there because it's amazing. Cobblestone streets, beautiful homes, flowers everywhere, and the most gorgeous harbor!
We rented an airbnb apartment  with a balcony that overlooks the harbor, went on beautiful walks, ate at the cutest little restaurants, and basically couldn't believe this was reality.
I could probably live there except that everything closes at like 7 PM and the city is on a hill so you get a massive workout every time you go out (actually that'd probably be a good thing...)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope to make it to some of these French cities one day.

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