Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Memorable Memorial Day:

Great friends.
warm weather.
vitamin d.
3 hours of tennis. 
winning all our matches during those 3 hours of tennis.
gallivanting in golf carts.
burgers for lunch and a steak for dinner. 
walks at sunset. 
corn on the cob. 
white dresses and seer sucker jackets. 
grilled veggies. 
nba basketball game.
falling asleep with a book on my face. 

I hope your memorial day was wonderful and relaxing and spent outside in the fabulous weather!
So thankful for those who serve our country to make the life I live possible.

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Golden Birthday Celebration:

^^^ the birthday girl!!

^^^ siblings.

My sis-in-law Shayla turned 23 years old on May 23rd so obviously, we had to have a huge golden birthday celebration. 
In addition to gold decor e v e r y w h e r e  there was golden Oreos and goldfish crackers to eat, as well as golden creme soda cans to drink. Gold was a required part of the dress code and the golden birthday girl wore a golden crown all night. 
It was the funnest theme ever! The golden backdrop was an awesome touch and we seriously had such a fun party all night. 
Happy Golden Birthday Shayla!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Provo just keeps getting better and better...

Provo made food trucks legal about 1 year (maybe 2 now?) ago and it was the second-best thing that's happened in Provo in recent memory (the first best thing is a toss up between the Chick-Fil-A on the corner of bulldog and state street or the recent acquisition of Rock Canyon...), anyways... I digress:

Since they were made legal, a waffle truck was the first and now there's all sorts of unique deliciousness available from vehicles-turned-restaurants. 
There's so many now that they've begun gathering together every Thursday night at a little something called the 
"Provo Food Truck Roundup"
and it's the greatest dinner spot ever. 

JP and I went for our first time just this last week and met up with some friends and sampled all the different trucks (well not all of them, although we did manage to try three!)
We had a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich (it had pot roast AND bacon AND turkey), a sweeto-burrito that had tater-tots INSIDE the burrito, and finished up with a wood fired pizza. 
It was seriously amazing. 
If you haven't been, go. And we'll see you there because we're already planning on going again next week haha. 

More info about the food truck roundup can be found HERE!

Monday, May 19, 2014

A Wedding in the Desert: Brooke + Casey

This past Friday night I jumped on an airplane and flew down to Arizona for a wedding!
My freshman roomie Brooke (I threw her a bachelorette party a couple months ago! Remember?) married her sweetheart Casey in the Gilbert Arizona Temple. 
They were adorable and it was the best day!
She looked beautiful, her dress was seriously stunning (these pictures don't do it justice! The details were amaze.), and even though it was 100+ degrees all day, the reception was in an orange patch where it was nice and cool. 
JP didn't join me on this trip (I guess future lawyers have to show up to their externships and stuff ;) 
but I got to meet and spend the weekend with some pretty awesome ladies and fellow bridesmaids which made up for his absence (a little bit)
Although I really started missing him when the dancing started towards the end of the reception! He's the most fun to have at weddings!

All in all it was a fabulous weekend; full of new friends, a happy bride, and really really warm weather haha. 

And now, a whole lot of pics:

^^^ me and the newly-married bride!

^^^ They had these awesome communal tables all along the orange trees!

 ^^^ The bridesmaid bouquet, modeled by Mckelle. 

^^^ my bridesmaid outfit!

^^^ I LOVED their invites! They were custom designed and so cute!

^^^ Nedge was writing the welcome sign, something I am never asked to do, probably because of my pretty atrocious handwriting haha. 

^^^ The newlyweds and allllll the nieces and nephews haha. 

^^^ Some of the cakes! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of their actual wedding cake ha #bloggingfail

^^^ me and mckelle! she is a gem. over the weekend we came to the conclusion that we're pretty much the same person. 

^^^ such a rad group of ladies. I had the best time with them!

^^^ bff's for five years and counting.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Then We Escaped to St George:

Over the weekend we decided to take a trip down south with Eric and Kimmi!
We jumped in the car and drove to St George in celebration of JP finishing his second year of law school, my graduation, kimmi's birthday, and all those other very valid reasons you take vacations... ;)

It was perfect. The weather was amazing -- hot and dry, exactly what we were looking for. We laid by the pool (that was mostly me and kimmi haha), swam in the pool, read a million books, hung out in the hot tub, played some doubles tennis, over-ate at our favorite doughnut place, the boys went on a hike that the girls weren't invited to go on (so we went shopping instead), and succeeded in not getting too sun burned! It was the best most relaxing vacation ever.
 And we are already counting down to the next time!