Saturday, May 24, 2014

Provo just keeps getting better and better...

Provo made food trucks legal about 1 year (maybe 2 now?) ago and it was the second-best thing that's happened in Provo in recent memory (the first best thing is a toss up between the Chick-Fil-A on the corner of bulldog and state street or the recent acquisition of Rock Canyon...), anyways... I digress:

Since they were made legal, a waffle truck was the first and now there's all sorts of unique deliciousness available from vehicles-turned-restaurants. 
There's so many now that they've begun gathering together every Thursday night at a little something called the 
"Provo Food Truck Roundup"
and it's the greatest dinner spot ever. 

JP and I went for our first time just this last week and met up with some friends and sampled all the different trucks (well not all of them, although we did manage to try three!)
We had a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich (it had pot roast AND bacon AND turkey), a sweeto-burrito that had tater-tots INSIDE the burrito, and finished up with a wood fired pizza. 
It was seriously amazing. 
If you haven't been, go. And we'll see you there because we're already planning on going again next week haha. 

More info about the food truck roundup can be found HERE!


  1. Holy yum, that sounds amazing. I just graduated from BYU-Idaho and moved to Minnesota, and I'm now realizing what a great food scene Provo and Salt Lake really have!!

  2. I just moved to Provo and this sounds like my type of party. Thank you so much for the information!