Monday, May 30, 2011

Les Miserables Round 3!

So for Jean Paul's birthday (in March) I gave him Les Mis tickets because he knows every song by heart but hadn't ever seen the musical, and last night it was finally time to go!
My brother and sister came with dates too, which made the whole night very fun.

I LOVED IT! The cast was phenomenal, really.
I saw the musical twice in London (read about it here and here) and so my expectations were very high, and I wasn't disappointed at all!

Look who we ran into!

Yes, we match.

umm... yeah.... apparently Anne and I are a little tall with heels on?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Look Who's All Grown Up

That's right! My little sister Anne graduated from Timpview yesterday!
I cannot believe she will be joining me at BYU next year... haha it makes me feel suuuuuuper old!

awwwww..... look how cute we were!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday "Walk"

one of my absolute favorite parts of summer is when the snow melts and creates a river through Rock Canyon Park.

and this year, on account of getting tons of snow this winter + a rainy spring, the run-off is HUGE!

this last Sunday, my family decided to take advantage of the few hours of sun during the afternoon and took a sunday walk over to Rock Canyon Park to view the reservoir in all its glory.

of course, I use the term "sunday walk" loosely... it involved cutting through someone's backyard to shorten the journey and getting a ride home because heaven-forbid we walk back up the hills to get home.

we always have contests to see who can stand in the barely-above-freezing water the longest, which will probably give us all circulation problems when we're older.

Oh, and my dad and brothers invented a great game called "see who can hit the duck with a rock"

...I don't think I need to explain how to play the game. they're horrible. and luckily none of them won haha.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rugby National Championship

Awwwww yeahhhh yesterday I made the trip up to Rio Tinto Stadium to watch BYU play Cal in the RUGBY NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
Me and 13,000 other people made up the largest crowd ever to watch college rugby in the United States.
Pretty sweet huh?

I really hope that rugby starts becoming more popular, the games are so fun! The rugby game I went to in England was one of my favorites things I did there!

Anyways, my cousin David is on the team so my aunt bought out a whole section of seats for all our family and friends to sit together!
Jean Paul was appointed as the game commentator because he was the only one that actually knew the rules (on account of his being from South Africa). He would yell things at the refs like: "THAT WAS NOT A KNOCK ON!!" and then turn and explain to all of us what a 'knock on' was haha. (it's when the ball is knocked forward fyi...)
My dad, on the other hand, was yelling things like "that's scrumalicious!" (he's obviously a rugby fanatic.... not).

A grand time was had by all, although there were two unfortunate moments during the night: First, when BYU lost,
and second, when there was no Haka performed.

I love watching the Haka. I don't know why, but it's one of my favorite things ever.

Game faces.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wedding #22

Yep that's right, yesterday Jean Paul and I attended our 22nd wedding together.
(that's averaging about 1 per month haha).
Jean's best friend Eric Rea from high school married Kimmi Sumsion and they are just the cutest couple ever. We love double dating with them.
It was rocky for a while, and we weren't sure if they were going to make it, (I was in London while the drama was happening, so there was some counseling via facebook chat haha) but they made it! And they could not be happier. I don't think either of them stopped smiling the entire day.
Jean was the best man and gave a fabulous speech at the luncheon!

Jean Paul and Eric = BFF's

Sooo, I didn't exactly catch the bouquet. Instead, Kimmi just came up and handed it to me.
Hint? I think yes...

Me Beth and Shayla

Sparkler send-off

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Newly Employed

That's right! I have a job!

F I N A L L Y!

After searching and applying and calling offices and calling again, the most perfect thing happened:

A job fell from the sky into my lap, and it is my dream job.

Introducing the newest employee of Central Utah Clinic:

yep... this the picture on my employee badge... and in the newsletter...

I would have liked a little notice that they were planning on taking my picture that day... but what can ya do? haha

I am a medical assistant for a MOHS surgeon, which basically means I get to help when he performs skin cancer surgery! I also remove stitches and fill out charts and sterilize instruments and stuff like that. I love the people I work with and they are very patient and nice and don't mind (or at least act like they don't mind) explaining how to do things to me again and again haha.

This is my third week and I LOVE it!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

San Francisco

I am back!!
I apologize for the complete lack of blogging, the last week and a half has been crazy!

First of all, San Francisco was a-MAZ-ing.

ate fresh seafood
explored Fisherman's Wharf
went to "Fast Five" at midnight
walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
shopped at fantastic stores
watched Jean Paul's best friend get married
and just enjoyed the sunshine!

Oh, and as we were driving through downtown I looked out the window and what did I see?

A man... walking down the street... wearing nothing but a hat...


haha only in San Fran right?

Jean spent $27.69 on food for the drive down...

I love the sea lions!
and Jean haha.

Golden Gate Bridge... obviously.

Redwood forest!

At the wedding

From left to right: Colton, Cody (the groom), and Jean!
They all met each other on their missions, how cute is that?

umm yeah did I mention the wedding was on a cliff overlooking the ocean??

Me and Kate! We're San Fran BFF's.


Jean Paul giving the best man speech!
It was precious.

Yes, they both caught the garter.

So I know that catching the bouquet means you'll get married next, but what does catching the garter mean? The same thing?
We discussed this all night haha

Oh guess what else happened? While I was in San Francisco, my dad sold my car I've had since I turned 16 (I didn't even get to say goodbye!)
and I got to come home to a new car!

Hello Rav4, I love you.
Thanks dad!