Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Newly Employed

That's right! I have a job!

F I N A L L Y!

After searching and applying and calling offices and calling again, the most perfect thing happened:

A job fell from the sky into my lap, and it is my dream job.

Introducing the newest employee of Central Utah Clinic:

yep... this the picture on my employee badge... and in the newsletter...

I would have liked a little notice that they were planning on taking my picture that day... but what can ya do? haha

I am a medical assistant for a MOHS surgeon, which basically means I get to help when he performs skin cancer surgery! I also remove stitches and fill out charts and sterilize instruments and stuff like that. I love the people I work with and they are very patient and nice and don't mind (or at least act like they don't mind) explaining how to do things to me again and again haha.

This is my third week and I LOVE it!!

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