Monday, May 9, 2011

San Francisco

I am back!!
I apologize for the complete lack of blogging, the last week and a half has been crazy!

First of all, San Francisco was a-MAZ-ing.

ate fresh seafood
explored Fisherman's Wharf
went to "Fast Five" at midnight
walked across the Golden Gate Bridge
shopped at fantastic stores
watched Jean Paul's best friend get married
and just enjoyed the sunshine!

Oh, and as we were driving through downtown I looked out the window and what did I see?

A man... walking down the street... wearing nothing but a hat...


haha only in San Fran right?

Jean spent $27.69 on food for the drive down...

I love the sea lions!
and Jean haha.

Golden Gate Bridge... obviously.

Redwood forest!

At the wedding

From left to right: Colton, Cody (the groom), and Jean!
They all met each other on their missions, how cute is that?

umm yeah did I mention the wedding was on a cliff overlooking the ocean??

Me and Kate! We're San Fran BFF's.


Jean Paul giving the best man speech!
It was precious.

Yes, they both caught the garter.

So I know that catching the bouquet means you'll get married next, but what does catching the garter mean? The same thing?
We discussed this all night haha

Oh guess what else happened? While I was in San Francisco, my dad sold my car I've had since I turned 16 (I didn't even get to say goodbye!)
and I got to come home to a new car!

Hello Rav4, I love you.
Thanks dad!


  1. I went to San Fran last week too! ONly for a day tho. And RAV 4. Totally jealous!

  2. san francisco is seriously one of the best cities in the world!

  3. Grace, you made me a little homesick for the Bay Area. I love reading your blog when I get a chance. Say hello to your parents.

  4. I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit