Saturday, February 26, 2011


Pizza. A typical Italian (American?) food.
I personally think I am fairly well-educated when it comes to that specific food group
(yes, I just called pizza a food group).

I like to think that I have experienced the full spectrum --
  • from the streets in New York,
  • to traveling through Italy and sampling pizzas in Rome Florence Pisa and Venice,
  • to my roommate last year regularly eating an entire Little Caesars hot-n-ready by herself (shout-out to you Brookie),
I am well versed when it comes to pizza-ing.

My personal favs that are accessible in Utah include: Pizzeria 712,
Malawi's (its for a good cause!), CPK, and even The Brick Oven.

However in a search to find lunch during a one-hour break between molecular biology lectures, I discovered the wonders of SLAB pizza! A definite new favorite!
It's right by campus and Coldplay was playing when I walked in (always a plus).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Utah Grizzlies

If you've never been to a Utah Grizzlies game... (that's minor league hockey fyi) then you have NO IDEA what you're missing out on!

The crowd was classic... I don't know where these people reside when they aren't watching hockey... and I think 70% of Utah's alcohol was being consumed at this game...

But have no fear! I compiled a list that will help you fit RIGHT IN if you have the desire to attend a game... drum roll please.

The requirements include:

  • a $6 cotton candy and $6 slurpy purchase...

  • Don't forget your jersey!

  • or your popcorn bucket hat...

  • a huge can of beer is a must

  • and so is a purple-velour sweatsuit

  • modest clothes? optional.

  • ..... no comment......

The avid grizzlies fans included:

me and jean

my brother and his g-friend

my cousin Will and his "friend" McCall

my cousin's friend and his girlfriend? I don't remember their names....



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Note to self

Last week I had a two hour break between classes.
So I came home to my apartment, started the dishwasher, and decided to take a nap.

Two hours later this is what I woke up to...

Hahahaha I was running late so I just sent a picture of our flooded kitchen to my roommate and went to class.

Note to self:
Don't put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothing Says I Love You like a Heart-Shaped Pizza

Trying to decide what to do for Valentines day is always a bit of a struggle.
After reading Facebook statuses I came to the conclusion that the usual go-to options are:
  • watch "The Notebook" with your girlfriends...
  • stuff your face with chocolate...
  • or pretend like its not Valentines day at all.
None of those options sounded too appealing, so we planned a huge group date!
(and when I say "we" I really just mean Jean Paul).
Nine couples came over and we made pizzas (with heart-shaped pizza dough, of course), played valentines games, and ended the night with pazookies and ice cream!

I think this is the start of a tradition.

aww.. look how domestic he is!

They each made a "special" piece for each other that they HAD to eat...
obviously they both really liked what was on them!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Livi's Lovely Wedding

I would like to introduce you to my lovely friend Olivia:

We were on study abroad together in London and she was engaged the whole time!
So throughout the four months there was lots of wedding planning, lingerie-purchasing, and she even had her engagements taken in London when her fiance Justin flew out to visit!
I just about died with jealousy, look how beautiful they are!

Her wedding was just last week and it was so lovely that I felt the need to document almost the whole thing!
(Don't worry, I only posted a few of the pictures haha)

This was the 16th wedding Jean and I have attended together... not a joke.
But it's great because we LOVE weddings!

It was so fun seeing all my London friends!!

aww.. SO happy for you Livi!

Look at her gorgeous dress!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl XLV

The Superbowl this year was 4 hours of hilarious commentary from friends, uncles, cousins, and aunts.
We were pretty evenly divided between Packers fans and Steelers fans, so it was four hours of good bantering, great food, and fabulous company.

I probably actually watched under three minutes of the game,
but I LOVE the commercials and the halftime show was fantastic!
And my friend Victoria from Utah State came down and joined in the festivities, which made my night!

My favorite part of the evening might have been when someone asked:
"Who are we cheering for -- yellow pants or lighter yellow pants?"