Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby You're a Firework

So once upon a time I was a freshman at BYU living in the dorms. 
And the very first day I moved in I met Brooklyn from Arizona.

We became instant BFF's and bonded over things like ice cream sandwiches, sharing a twin bed, and midnight Denny's runs. 
And now we're both engaged :) and it's awesome. 

So Mr. Fiance and I travelled up to Park City last night to spend some quality time with B Tuck at her cabin and her fiance Scotty P. 

We made dinner and played with sparklers and chatted the night away.

And did I mention that Brooklyn just got home from a study abroad in Europe? Any excuse I have to talk about study abroads with people always makes my night haha. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some iPhone Pictures from this Summer...

This actually worked!

View from Squaw Peak

Lazy summer days at the pool

Roses outside the Provo Temple

Jean eating the dough from our Father's Day cookies

Beth is MARRIED!

Crepe-maker in California

Ferris wheel at Irvine Spectrum in California


My sister at Sundance

Jean Paul and his niece Gwenna

My Dad's 4th of July shirt haha


Looove this temple
Sign on the way to Tuacahn Theater in St George

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Very First Ever Bridal Shower

My lovely future mother-in-law threw me my very first 
bridal shower this past Saturday.
It was a blast and so so nice of her to do for me!

And it was very needed too. Between Jean Paul and I we literally only have a mattress and some pillows and a few pieces of free furniture from my Dad's old office so we are in desperate need of housing supplies. haha. Really though

We wanted to register at Nordstrom (yep we're really good at being domestic) but were forbidden by both of our mothers haha. 

Anyways, the bridal shower was like Christmas morning and it's so funny how excited I now get over things like measuring cups and cute oven mitts and dish towels
Now I just need some cooking lessons... :)


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bridesmaid Invitations

There's something you should know about my mom: she is a master crafter.

So one day, we went to the craft store and picked out cutesy paper, ribbon, and pins and spent the afternoon crafting.

There's something else you should know: I am the worst crafter ever.
My sister will vouch for that.
Which is probably why making these bridesmaid invitations took the whole afternoon haha.

But really it was a blast and I love chatting with my madre so it was great fun and only minimally frustrating :)
And I mean seriously, these things were intense. At one point I was using brown eye shadow to create dimensions on the edges of the cutouts... yeah, they're that hardcore.

8*19*11 is my wedding date... in case it wasn't obvious...

My mom *master crafter* die-cutted out the little dress fabric and actually glued those little beads on it. Unreal.

mmm... cakebites...
I had to bribe my friends to get them to agree to be bridesmaids... obviously. 

The finished product! What do you think?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday Picnics

This Sunday we ditched the weekly Sunday dinner my family usually makes and 
picnic'd up South Fork Canyon.

Apparently every other family in Utah County though that sounded like a good idea too, because the park we went to was packed haha

But it was fabulously fun and I do believe it was the beginning of a new weekly tradition...
(only during the summer though... Picnicking in the winter in Utah might be the worst idea ever).

It was also a good opportunity to prove to Mr. Fiance that I can indeed throw a spiral football
(he was doubting my athletic abilities)

 Mr. Fiance is pretty good a making sandwiches too... one of the main reasons I'm marrying him.

 Edamame... mmmmm...

 My drug of choice
(I'm only a little bit addicted...)

 Mr. Fiance himself!
His dashing good looks are the other reason I said yes...

 The water was coldddd!

 Janey girl. Who is also going to be one of my flower girls at the wedding!

I sacrificed my pants to save the football from being swept away downstream...
And then Mr. Fiance splashed me.... Thanks Jean Paul, real mature.