Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bridesmaid Invitations

There's something you should know about my mom: she is a master crafter.

So one day, we went to the craft store and picked out cutesy paper, ribbon, and pins and spent the afternoon crafting.

There's something else you should know: I am the worst crafter ever.
My sister will vouch for that.
Which is probably why making these bridesmaid invitations took the whole afternoon haha.

But really it was a blast and I love chatting with my madre so it was great fun and only minimally frustrating :)
And I mean seriously, these things were intense. At one point I was using brown eye shadow to create dimensions on the edges of the cutouts... yeah, they're that hardcore.

8*19*11 is my wedding date... in case it wasn't obvious...

My mom *master crafter* die-cutted out the little dress fabric and actually glued those little beads on it. Unreal.

mmm... cakebites...
I had to bribe my friends to get them to agree to be bridesmaids... obviously. 

The finished product! What do you think?


  1. SOO Cute. I did the same thing but obviously not as cute/crafty!

  2. what do i think? i think they look amazing and i think i need to become best friends with your mom so she can help me make cute crafty things like that.

  3. Those are adorable! That's such a cute idea.

  4. .... mine must have gotten lost in the mail! ;] BAH HAHAHA