Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday Picnics

This Sunday we ditched the weekly Sunday dinner my family usually makes and 
picnic'd up South Fork Canyon.

Apparently every other family in Utah County though that sounded like a good idea too, because the park we went to was packed haha

But it was fabulously fun and I do believe it was the beginning of a new weekly tradition...
(only during the summer though... Picnicking in the winter in Utah might be the worst idea ever).

It was also a good opportunity to prove to Mr. Fiance that I can indeed throw a spiral football
(he was doubting my athletic abilities)

 Mr. Fiance is pretty good a making sandwiches too... one of the main reasons I'm marrying him.

 Edamame... mmmmm...

 My drug of choice
(I'm only a little bit addicted...)

 Mr. Fiance himself!
His dashing good looks are the other reason I said yes...

 The water was coldddd!

 Janey girl. Who is also going to be one of my flower girls at the wedding!

I sacrificed my pants to save the football from being swept away downstream...
And then Mr. Fiance splashed me.... Thanks Jean Paul, real mature.


  1. so fun to finally be calling him your fiance and soon your husband!! LOVE IT!