Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Pizza and a Pumpkin

Halloween is not my most favorite holiday in the world. 
(except for last year, which was the best Halloween ever)

I can never decide what I want to be, I hate scary movies, haunted houses/forests send me into a full-on panic, and we go from party to party where it's freezing cold outside but sweltering hot as soon as you spend more than 5 minutes inside. 

However, this is the first year I've ever spent Halloween being married so its all new. We were going to throw a Halloween party but somehow time got away from us and that definitely didn't happen haha (maybe next year?) 
But this weekend we did go on a fantastic Halloween little group date thing with our very best friends and it was right up my alley because, in my opinion, the only good thing about Halloween is getting to carve pumpkins + eating the roasted seeds. 

The night started at Pizzeria 712:
(which I highly recommend, if you've never been)

Then we had to pick out our pumpkin, and here's a little FYI:
There are NO good pumpkins left 2 days before Halloween. Absolutely none. 
So we kind of dismantled the store's Halloween display and purchased the pumpkin they were using...

Ghost-carved pumpkin = my pride and joy

So whatever you may be doing, I do hope you have a
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes McDonald's is the Only Option...

Last night was one of those nights where you get nothing productive done. 
Okay, I take that back, I did make dinner (Thai chicken and rice... I know I know, I continually blow myself away with my chef-ness too... and by 'continually' I actually mean this is the fourth time I've made dinner...).
Anyways, after I finally sat down to get something done (by this time its 11:30 PM, whoops, how does that happen?!) Jean Paul and I got a call and had to run down to the hospital (everyone is fine now, so no worries!) and by the time we left to go back home, the only way to salvage the night was obviously,  a trip through the McDonald's drive-through.

Me: a Vanilla Cone
Him: Chicken Selects

I guess that's not too bad of a way to 
end the night/start the next morning haha.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Life Lately According to Instagram

1. Shayla got married!!! 2. Bridesmaids waiting outside the temple for her.
3. & 4. Markell and I LOVE our Forever 21 outfits ;)
5. We went grocery shopping? 6. Husband spending his hard-earned money on nutritious snacks.
7. Paparazzi shot of stylin' husband. 8. Us at a wedding.
9. My bagel I ate while waiting at the AT&T store for my iPhone 4s... that I still don't have. 10. My mom and I love to match. 
11. Might be my favorite restaurant in Provo? 12. Pumpkin picking!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Pictures Day 6: And Finally...

I think that the groom deserves his own post. 
Mostly because I love him and a little because he was hinting that he wanted me to :)


 He *claims* he was looking at me in this picture... but I don't know if I believe him... He was probably thinking about how close we were to being finished with taking pictures...

 Isn't he the handsomest?!

And I would like to share a little something with you about Jean Paul:
When I left for London last year, he was maybe the most excited for me to go- not because he wanted me to leave, but because he knew how important it was to me. 
And guess what this cute guy did? He emailed me every single day. Without fail. 
Even when I didn't have time to email him back (which was most of the time)
So here is a little excerpt that I love from one of his very last emails to me, 
after four months of being apart:

"I GET TO SEE YOU IN LIKE 60 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have never been more excited for anything in my life.  If these last four months were a lap we would have 10 meters left.  If they were an hour we would have 45 seconds left. Hahahaha!  I could keep going with the hypothetical metaphors, but I will spare you ;)"
I love you
I love you
I love you
 I love you too Jean Paul :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Pictures Day 5: Awkward...

The great thing about pictures is that moments are captured forever. 
Tender moments, heartwarming moments, joyful moments, I mean really photography is great.
However, you also get, um other moments captured, and instead of hiding them away I've decided to publish them on the internet haha.
Here are some hilarious moments captured on the wedding day, immortalized forever in their awkwardness:

First: The Cake-Shove

My mom made is VERY clear that she strongly disapproved of cake shoving, and I agreed it was a bad tradition that I wouldn't participate in.
However in the moment something possessed me and I decided that not only would I shove it in Jean Paul's face, but I would try to break his jaw?

  Second: THAT pose again

 Seriously, I don't know why we always feel like doing this pose is a good idea. 
It is ALWAYS a disaster. But here it is again, and yes, it was as graceful as this picture makes it seem.

Third: The Car Decorations
 Haha this is the most appropriate picture of our car after the bridesmaids and groomsmen got done with it. Awkward. The best part though? The groomsmen told my father-in-law that the bridesmaids were responsible for all the *questionable* artwork drawn on the windows...

Fourth: How Everyone REALLY felt about taking pictures
 It was a beautiful day when we got married. Also maybe the hottest day of the summer. Everyone really pulled through for all the pictures but this one made me laugh because except for Me and Jean Paul, everyone looks extremely displeased haha.

I think this picture speaks for itself, just take a look at my sister in the orange dress on the right hahaha

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wedding Pictures Day 4: Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Flower Girls

Sorry I was such a slacker and didn't post yesterday! The day was over before I even knew what had happened (there were tests to be studied for, classes to be skipped attended, a wedding slideshow for my sister-in-law to be made, my grown-out roots had to be taken care of, and a bridesmaid sleepover to attend) but here is day 4:

The Bridesmaids:

 Caroline (my cousin), Markell, Anne (my sister), Me, Rachel, Jordan, Shayla (sister-in-law?? weird.)

 Jord                         Rach                 Carol                     Anne                 Kell                 Shay

 Workin it.



 Hahaha. This was taken after we had left for the night.

The Groomsmen: 

 We had to, right?

Flower Girls:


My niece Gwenna and my little cousin Jane!
They both look really happy for me don't they?