Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Life Lately According to Instagram

1. Shayla got married!!! 2. Bridesmaids waiting outside the temple for her.
3. & 4. Markell and I LOVE our Forever 21 outfits ;)
5. We went grocery shopping? 6. Husband spending his hard-earned money on nutritious snacks.
7. Paparazzi shot of stylin' husband. 8. Us at a wedding.
9. My bagel I ate while waiting at the AT&T store for my iPhone 4s... that I still don't have. 10. My mom and I love to match. 
11. Might be my favorite restaurant in Provo? 12. Pumpkin picking!


  1. You and Markell look so pretty in your Forever 21 outfits! Shayla is such a beautiful bride and you bridesmaids look so stunning in your lace dresses!

  2. Ok how in the world do you guys find the most amazing things at forever?? Teach me your ways!