Thursday, October 6, 2011

Step into our Living Room...

Our apartment is constantly a work in progress.
I suppose most people feel like that with their own houses or apartments or whatever. 
It's really quite fun putting everything together! Even if it has taken 7 weeks to get to this point haha.

When I compare the vision I have of our apartment in my mind to how it actually looks, I'm only about halfway done but our bookshelves are all put together now so here is their grand unveiling! 
Please ignore the fact that there is nothing on the walls yet haha. 


 ugly ugly ugly... empty space... lots of cords... 


I love books + Jean Paul has tons of books = happy marriage :)

What do you think?! I think it makes our apartment actually look like a home... I love it!


  1. i love the new header! amazing! also, i love how your little home looks. And i love you.

  2. I'll Drink to that.

  3. Chanel and Vogue..... a girl after my own heart!

  4. looking good. I LOVE NESTING! I want to move so I can redesign/remake our home (i really don't wanna move).

  5. AWESOME bookcases! Where did you find them? They're beautiful. Love your books too-- great taste!

  6. Thank you so much!! We searched online for ones we liked that were somewhat affordable and we settled on these from Office Depot, of all places haha.