Sunday, October 16, 2011

Someone needs to be introduced...

So you might remember when I talked about the youngest member of the Collins family in this post, but now that needs to be updated because as of about 1 month ago, my aunt and uncle welcomed a new precious little girl into our family! And I would like to introduce you to my newest cousin and the youngest granddaughter: 

Mary Alice 
She was named after my Grandma too, how sweet is that?!

 Jean Paul and I fight over who gets to hold her the longest. I usually win. Until he comes and steals her from me. 
But no, this doesn't mean we're having children anytime soon.
This was taken on my phone, haha sorry it's so grainy!

 Haha! How precious is this?!

 I am her favorite cousin.

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  1. Such a sweet post! You are going to make a beautiful mother someday.