Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Pizza and a Pumpkin

Halloween is not my most favorite holiday in the world. 
(except for last year, which was the best Halloween ever)

I can never decide what I want to be, I hate scary movies, haunted houses/forests send me into a full-on panic, and we go from party to party where it's freezing cold outside but sweltering hot as soon as you spend more than 5 minutes inside. 

However, this is the first year I've ever spent Halloween being married so its all new. We were going to throw a Halloween party but somehow time got away from us and that definitely didn't happen haha (maybe next year?) 
But this weekend we did go on a fantastic Halloween little group date thing with our very best friends and it was right up my alley because, in my opinion, the only good thing about Halloween is getting to carve pumpkins + eating the roasted seeds. 

The night started at Pizzeria 712:
(which I highly recommend, if you've never been)

Then we had to pick out our pumpkin, and here's a little FYI:
There are NO good pumpkins left 2 days before Halloween. Absolutely none. 
So we kind of dismantled the store's Halloween display and purchased the pumpkin they were using...

Ghost-carved pumpkin = my pride and joy

So whatever you may be doing, I do hope you have a
Happy Halloween!

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