Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conference Weekend

Conference weekend was a much needed break this year. 
I was so burned out from this last week (I had 5 tests! 5!) and so more than ever I needed to be buoyed up spiritually and physically. Lounging around with Jean Paul listening to inspired words was exactly what this tired girl called for :)

Of course, there was time this weekend for a few other things -- namely, a wedding dress fitting for Shayla, a walk in between conferences, and a yummy dinner with my fam! 

Look who we ran into! Hi Elder Ricks!

 Apparently the walk was a bit much for my dad...

 ... and my brother.

 haha this is Jean Paul's "Daybook" pose, holding a purse and all haha.

 Then husband started hitch hiking on the way home because the 3 blocks were just too long.

 Brother + Sister

Dinner Time:

 So domestic.

 Caught red-handed! tsk tsk someone is supposed to be watching conference... haha.

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