Saturday, October 8, 2011

And then we went on an in-between-class date.

Yesterday was a good day. 
I got to sleep in til 9.
I took 2 tests and surprised myself with the scores I got. haha prayers really do work...
I finally got to wear my new coat Jean Paul bought me for my birthday (which was in August... it was awesome. This man really knows what I like)
And we watched a movie with friends!

However the best part of my day was when Jean Paul took me out for a lunch-dinner (Linner?) date between two of my classes. We ran down to Gurus on center street and had a 40-min date sesh. 

It was lovely. Best part of the day. 
(Although wearing my new coat was a close second...)

Sweet Potato Fries: These might be one of the best things to eat on this planet. 


  1. prayer really does help with test taking. i had the same thing happen to me last week. had a massive test and a minor melt down. said a prayer and it really did help me sooo much.

  2. Let's see the coat, girl! And I agree about sweet potato fries!