Friday, October 28, 2011

Sometimes McDonald's is the Only Option...

Last night was one of those nights where you get nothing productive done. 
Okay, I take that back, I did make dinner (Thai chicken and rice... I know I know, I continually blow myself away with my chef-ness too... and by 'continually' I actually mean this is the fourth time I've made dinner...).
Anyways, after I finally sat down to get something done (by this time its 11:30 PM, whoops, how does that happen?!) Jean Paul and I got a call and had to run down to the hospital (everyone is fine now, so no worries!) and by the time we left to go back home, the only way to salvage the night was obviously,  a trip through the McDonald's drive-through.

Me: a Vanilla Cone
Him: Chicken Selects

I guess that's not too bad of a way to 
end the night/start the next morning haha.

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