Monday, June 30, 2014

HOW is June over??

I feel like I am experiencing Summer in two dimensions this year -- since I am working full time I feel like these summer days are flying by at an unreasonably fast pace, but since I start medical school in just over 1 month (!!!) I have put special effort into crossing things off my summer bucket list (i.e. food trucks, shaved ice, hiking, swimming, scooter rides, bbq's, etc etc) so I feel like I've enjoyed so much of summer already! Conflicting emotions I tell ya. Weird to think that just 1 year ago JP and I were settling into our littler 100 sq. foot apartment in Paris, France for the summer. Oh my heart aches for that little flat when I see all my friends travelling around Europe via instagram! (Does anyone else feel like this is the summer of everyone-travel-around-europe-for-weeks-at-a-time?? Just my instagram feed? It's painful in a happy-for-them-but-wish-i-was-there sort of way.)


These past few weeks have been full of Game of Thrones, lots of tennis playing, way too many treat runs (sodalicous, rita's, shaved ice, ice cream straight from the box... we're not picky haha) and most lately of all:

My sweet friend has 7 giant rabbits and I visited them yesterday and was in absolute heaven. I think I've said this before but the quickest way to my heart is through a small furry animal haha. JP hates it (he has "allergies" haha. Poor animal-hating guy). 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

When your outfits are a little too coordinated // Abigayle + Mo's Wedding

This past Thursday I left work a little bit early and jumped on the frontrunner train to head up to Salt Lake City to meet JP. 
We were headed to a wedding up Millcreek Canyon and he'd been working in Salt Lake all day already and was going to pick me up from the train station.

So, you can imagine my absolute horror when I step off the train all dressed for the wedding in my camo skirt and h&m crop top and see him waiting there, also dressed for the wedding, in his camo shirt I just bought him. 

We matched. In camo. 

I started laughing so hard that I was crying, and there was nothing to be done about it so up to the wedding we went. 

It was a fabulous wedding reception at the neatest venue; all nestled in the trees surrounded by mountains and cliffs. 
Not to mention the bride and groom were freaking adorable and the food was amazing (beef and pork sliders with avocado and grilled onions!)

We didn't know a lot of the guests at the reception so I am sure there were more than a few confused people wondering who the couple in matching camouflage outfits were hahaha. I still haven't decided if it was a high or low point of our wedding-attending careers.
Congrats Abby and Mo!!

PS - my sis-in-law Shayla took Abigayle and Mo's engagements (here here and engagement video here) and bridals (HERE) and they are AMAZING! You should definitely check them out!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hiatus is Over:

I realized this weekend that it's been almost 3 weeks since my last post!
A hiatus that I think may be my longest ever... 
The silence has been due mostly to a lack of internet at our home (thank Comcast... You have one job that we're paying you to do.)
and a little bit because summertime has decided to be absolutely wonderful this year. 
Between playing tennis with JP most days of the week, a canyon in our backyard that a big huge great dane puppy and I can't get enough of, and full-time jobs but no homework to clutter up our evenings, I think it's safe to say a majority of our time has been spent outside or adventuring with friends. Which has led to a complete lack of blogging.
But I'm back now! With renewed motivation to document the goings-on in my life with an actual camera, so stay tuned... haha. 
However for now, some iPhone pictures will have to do! 

^^^ this is the face of sheer joy. It is also the face of JP being very mean... I went off sugar and caffeine for a few weeks and this purchase occurred right in the middle of my deprivation... So cruel. 
Thoughts on being off sugar: I didn't feel a huge difference in my overall health, nor did I lose a bunch of weight. But my clothes seem to fit better and I didn't get as many headaches. I also have more steady energy (I'm still keeping caffeine intake to a minimum) through out the entire day and not as many highs/lows.

^^^ Up Rock Canyon in Provo. Does this not look like Narnia?! Oh my, the mountains are seriously incredible. 

^^^ JP and I have totally re-kindled our love for tennis (we first started hanging out 5 years ago by playing each other in tennis matches!) this summer and we love playing doubles with friends!

^^^ Me and that puppy I was talking about. He just turned 1 but weighs 150 lbs and is taller than me on his back legs! 
He's also the gentle-est giant you will ever meet, as well as a little bit lazy when it gets hot outside haha. 

 ^^^ laying in the grass on Father's day. My mother-in-law was telling me all about how spending time outside barefoot in the dirt realigns your personal magnetic field with mother earth's and I have to say, although I'm not sure how scientific that is I definitely feel happier when I've spent good quality time outside. 

^^^stargazing on my parent's trampoline. I was telling JP how it reminded me of when I used to sneak out and lay on the tramp with my boyfriends in high school (I had to sneak because we were NOT ALLOWED to go out there at night with boyfriends hahaha)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Wedding in the Mountains: Bailey + John

Yesterday, I got to celebrate my cousin Bailey's wedding!
She was married in the mountains, up Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City -- a canyon that, despite having lived in Utah my entire life, I haven't spent hardly any time in. 
Which I now realize is unfortunate, because it is a beautiful canyon! 
The aspens, the mountains, the perfect weather, how happy the bride and groom were, it all worked together so spectacularly. 
And it was such a lovely venue. 
The wedding colors were green as well, which suited the location perfectly, not to mention their favors couldn't have been more on point-- individual Blue Spruce tree starters all ready to plant! (!!!!) 
I am seriously obsessed with them. And I might have made JP take one too so that I can plant two spruces... 

It was a lovely afternoon spent with family surrounded by gorgeous mountains. 
I can't seem to get enough of the mountains around here lately. 
It's like I am finally realizing how incredible they really are!

 ^^^ the favors!