Saturday, June 21, 2014

When your outfits are a little too coordinated // Abigayle + Mo's Wedding

This past Thursday I left work a little bit early and jumped on the frontrunner train to head up to Salt Lake City to meet JP. 
We were headed to a wedding up Millcreek Canyon and he'd been working in Salt Lake all day already and was going to pick me up from the train station.

So, you can imagine my absolute horror when I step off the train all dressed for the wedding in my camo skirt and h&m crop top and see him waiting there, also dressed for the wedding, in his camo shirt I just bought him. 

We matched. In camo. 

I started laughing so hard that I was crying, and there was nothing to be done about it so up to the wedding we went. 

It was a fabulous wedding reception at the neatest venue; all nestled in the trees surrounded by mountains and cliffs. 
Not to mention the bride and groom were freaking adorable and the food was amazing (beef and pork sliders with avocado and grilled onions!)

We didn't know a lot of the guests at the reception so I am sure there were more than a few confused people wondering who the couple in matching camouflage outfits were hahaha. I still haven't decided if it was a high or low point of our wedding-attending careers.
Congrats Abby and Mo!!

PS - my sis-in-law Shayla took Abigayle and Mo's engagements (here here and engagement video here) and bridals (HERE) and they are AMAZING! You should definitely check them out!

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