Monday, June 30, 2014

HOW is June over??

I feel like I am experiencing Summer in two dimensions this year -- since I am working full time I feel like these summer days are flying by at an unreasonably fast pace, but since I start medical school in just over 1 month (!!!) I have put special effort into crossing things off my summer bucket list (i.e. food trucks, shaved ice, hiking, swimming, scooter rides, bbq's, etc etc) so I feel like I've enjoyed so much of summer already! Conflicting emotions I tell ya. Weird to think that just 1 year ago JP and I were settling into our littler 100 sq. foot apartment in Paris, France for the summer. Oh my heart aches for that little flat when I see all my friends travelling around Europe via instagram! (Does anyone else feel like this is the summer of everyone-travel-around-europe-for-weeks-at-a-time?? Just my instagram feed? It's painful in a happy-for-them-but-wish-i-was-there sort of way.)


These past few weeks have been full of Game of Thrones, lots of tennis playing, way too many treat runs (sodalicous, rita's, shaved ice, ice cream straight from the box... we're not picky haha) and most lately of all:

My sweet friend has 7 giant rabbits and I visited them yesterday and was in absolute heaven. I think I've said this before but the quickest way to my heart is through a small furry animal haha. JP hates it (he has "allergies" haha. Poor animal-hating guy). 


  1. could not agree with you more! EVERYONE is in europe this summer! hahaha