Sunday, February 20, 2011

Utah Grizzlies

If you've never been to a Utah Grizzlies game... (that's minor league hockey fyi) then you have NO IDEA what you're missing out on!

The crowd was classic... I don't know where these people reside when they aren't watching hockey... and I think 70% of Utah's alcohol was being consumed at this game...

But have no fear! I compiled a list that will help you fit RIGHT IN if you have the desire to attend a game... drum roll please.

The requirements include:

  • a $6 cotton candy and $6 slurpy purchase...

  • Don't forget your jersey!

  • or your popcorn bucket hat...

  • a huge can of beer is a must

  • and so is a purple-velour sweatsuit

  • modest clothes? optional.

  • ..... no comment......

The avid grizzlies fans included:

me and jean

my brother and his g-friend

my cousin Will and his "friend" McCall

my cousin's friend and his girlfriend? I don't remember their names....



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