Saturday, February 26, 2011


Pizza. A typical Italian (American?) food.
I personally think I am fairly well-educated when it comes to that specific food group
(yes, I just called pizza a food group).

I like to think that I have experienced the full spectrum --
  • from the streets in New York,
  • to traveling through Italy and sampling pizzas in Rome Florence Pisa and Venice,
  • to my roommate last year regularly eating an entire Little Caesars hot-n-ready by herself (shout-out to you Brookie),
I am well versed when it comes to pizza-ing.

My personal favs that are accessible in Utah include: Pizzeria 712,
Malawi's (its for a good cause!), CPK, and even The Brick Oven.

However in a search to find lunch during a one-hour break between molecular biology lectures, I discovered the wonders of SLAB pizza! A definite new favorite!
It's right by campus and Coldplay was playing when I walked in (always a plus).

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