Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sunday "Walk"

one of my absolute favorite parts of summer is when the snow melts and creates a river through Rock Canyon Park.

and this year, on account of getting tons of snow this winter + a rainy spring, the run-off is HUGE!

this last Sunday, my family decided to take advantage of the few hours of sun during the afternoon and took a sunday walk over to Rock Canyon Park to view the reservoir in all its glory.

of course, I use the term "sunday walk" loosely... it involved cutting through someone's backyard to shorten the journey and getting a ride home because heaven-forbid we walk back up the hills to get home.

we always have contests to see who can stand in the barely-above-freezing water the longest, which will probably give us all circulation problems when we're older.

Oh, and my dad and brothers invented a great game called "see who can hit the duck with a rock"

...I don't think I need to explain how to play the game. they're horrible. and luckily none of them won haha.

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