Saturday, November 20, 2010

England vs. Samoa

We have been feeling rather deprived of sports (the one and only drawback of living in England is that we missed football season completely) so to make up for it we decided go see a rugby match!
England vs. Samoa. SO SWEET!
But it was quite the ordeal to get there, let me just take you through it:
  • took the tube to Putney Bridge
  • walked to the train station, and crammed onto a severely overcrowded train with 60,000 fans who were also making their way to the Twickenham stadium.
  • found a man scalping tickets
  • avoided the swarms of policemen and covertly completed a transaction for 6 tickets
  • entered the stadium (that was big enough to be considered a small city) and attempted to find our seats
  • finally asked someone for directions and a map
  • found our seats
And here are some of my favorite parts of the game (besides the actual game itself):
  • I could practically see the sweat on the players' foreheads, it was awesome.
  • We made friends with the people around us that have had their same seats for like 20 years
  • They were really nice and explained all the rules and positions to us
  • Participated in the biggest wave of my life (60,000+ people in the stadium and it seemed like every single one was in on it)
  • Watching the Samoan players do the haka before the game
  • Oh yeah, ENGLAND WON!! woohoo!
I love rugby now!!


  1. You're so lucky Grace!! I love reading your blog!! My husband plays Rugby, and I absolutely love watching it! It's so intense! I could only imagine watching professionals! That's my husbands dream!! Keep posting, because your blog is so entertaining! :)