Sunday, November 7, 2010

London Couture Fashion Night

Once upon a time there were 10 girls who got free tickets to a fashion show!
They got all dressed up and went down to the pier.
Why did they go to a pier?
Because the fashion show was on a boat!
They met lots of fun people, ate delicious desserts, and observed some models that really didn't know what they were doing haha.
Then the top of the boat turned into the best dance party I have ever been to in my life!
The DJ deserves a medal for how perfect his song choices were.

For 2 hours we were sailing up and down the Thames dancing our hearts out. Best part of the night? It started raining.

So yes, we had a dance party, on the Thames, in the rain.

We could barely walk home because our feet hurt so badly, definitely damaged our ear drums, and were almost delirious with happiness.

It was a fairytale.


This girl had a bit too much to drink... hahaha