Thursday, November 18, 2010

I love college

Actually I love college towns.
For example, I love Provo: I grew up there, I go to school there, I love when all the students come back into town, and I have a problem with people that attend BYU and rant about how lame Provo is... (you can leave.. no one is forcing you to stay...)
But that being said, CAMBRIDGE IS AWESOME!!
I mean look at their dorms:

How do I know those are their dorms? Because we accidently walked into one of them... Awkward? Yes.

We also went "punting!"
This very nice future-Cambridge student pushed us up and down the river that winds past all the colleges and told us funny stories about pranks past Cambridge students have pulled. And informed us of fun facts like how Prince Charles had the lowest grades of any student ever admitted into Cambridge... that's embarrassing haha.

Posting up on a bridge at St. John's College

Me and Jord! ...... and Morgan.....?

On a side note, I think congratulations are in order for Prince William and his new fiancee Kate! The whole country is in an uproar -- the entire newspaper yesterday was about their story. Did you know he gave her Princess Di's engagement ring? WOW! They're planning on marrying spring/summer next year and I'm thinking that is the perfect time for a London reunion tour :)

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