Monday, November 29, 2010


Sorry I have been so bad at posting about Thanksgiving break... Brussels and Amsterdam was amazing! Unfortunately I did not run into Elder Brockbank or Elder Osmond in Belgium, but I did manage to eat 4 chocolate-covered waffles in one day.

Favorite part? Walking through Amsterdam along the canals at night trying to find our hostel. You can call me Lewis and Clark if you want, because I definitely found it.
The directions went something like this: "turn right out of the train station, take a left at the third canal, walk along the river until you hit Pakinstringracht street, then turn right at the 5th bridge onto Bloemstraat and the hostel should be on your left."
Crystal clear right? haha

There are thousands of bikes everywhere and the bridges were all lit up, and I was listening to Jay-Z on my iPod, could life get any better?

I suppose I would have been alright with my camera not getting stolen in the Brussels train station.

And I probably would have been fine with our train not being delayed for two hours because of a fire.

But actually, looking back, those are the things that make the best memories! And whoever has my camera can enjoy my memories too.

I loved the girls I travelled with, I love that we stay up til three chatting even though we ran ourselves into the ground all day, I love that we ate steak for Thanksgiving in Brussels, and that when we walked out of the restaurant it was snowing.

That was one Thanksgiving that will be hard to top :)


  1. Any suggestions for what to do in Brussels?? I'm currently studying abroad and heading there this weekend! I would love to hear what you did while you were there! Love your blog :) -Charlotte

    1. Ooh how fun!! I have to say I really just did the touristy things! I saw mannequin pis (which is a must, of course) but there was also this really fun Christmas market and light show in The Grand-Place -- so definitely go there! The market is during the day and light show is at night! You can also check out other stuff here:
      Have so much fun!