Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Christmas

Want to know something great? In London, Christmas is full-blown celebrated for 2 months on account of Thanksgiving not being a holiday over here.

So that means Christmas hymns in church, Oxford and Regents street exploding with twinkling lights, Christmas displays in all the department store windows, and way too much shopping... or not enough.. yeah, lets go with not enough :)

These pictures are from the Harrods Christmas parade!
They were handing out FREE HARRODS CANDY, which we were way too excited about. But normally they charge you an arm and a leg and your first-born child for a little package of chocolate, so our extreme exhilaration wasn't entirely uncalled for. haha.

Best part of the parade? There was FAKE SNOW blowing off the roof of Harrods for like two hours!

Father Christmas was welcomed to the store (but don't think you'll get a chance to sit on his lap... tickets have been sold out for 2 months already!)

Morgan and I were way pumped about the fake snow

Nothing says Christmas like dancing neon mermaids

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