Friday, May 9, 2014

Then We Escaped to St George:

Over the weekend we decided to take a trip down south with Eric and Kimmi!
We jumped in the car and drove to St George in celebration of JP finishing his second year of law school, my graduation, kimmi's birthday, and all those other very valid reasons you take vacations... ;)

It was perfect. The weather was amazing -- hot and dry, exactly what we were looking for. We laid by the pool (that was mostly me and kimmi haha), swam in the pool, read a million books, hung out in the hot tub, played some doubles tennis, over-ate at our favorite doughnut place, the boys went on a hike that the girls weren't invited to go on (so we went shopping instead), and succeeded in not getting too sun burned! It was the best most relaxing vacation ever.
 And we are already counting down to the next time!


  1. I love your bathing suit...where's it from???

  2. Grace! Your suit is ah-mazing! Soo cute!

  3. yay you went to fractured prune!!

    SO good

  4. Yes, that suit is amazing!! I too am wondering where you found it?!? Also, what hotel is that? Planning a St. George trip and wondering about Hotels... Thanks so much! Love your blog.

    1. Thank you! It's from Topshop! And actually that is my (super generous) grandma's place! She lets us use it and I am forever grateful! Good luck finding one! Try looking out towards snow canyon/ivins area! That's the prettiest part of St. George in my opinion!