Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Best Part About Grad School:

So this post is like 4 months late but it needs to be documented so here we go:


Seriously, they are the BEST. 

Okay so they're not officially called "prom" (mine was "UUSOM Semi-Formal" and JP's is called the "Barrister's Ball") but let's be honest, it's basically prom for grown-ups and they are awesome!

We've gone to JP's law school prom every year so obviously we had to go to the final year (see the post from the first year we attended here!) and it didn't disappoint! They serve dinner, give out awards, have a photographer, and a DJ! It was a blast. 
I was put on the prom committee for my med school (of course I was, I think it's because I wrote about my love of throwing parties in my personal statement of my application...) so I got to help plan it and it was awesome! The theme was "out of this world" (so think like space/aliens/etc.)
We had food, a photographer, a DJ and people danced all. night. long. It was incredible! 
And JP definitely won a fantastic-husband-award that night because he came to the party for a couple hours even though he was taking a part of his law school bar exam the next morning! 

Law school prom:

 ^^^ we're on the far left!

Med school prom:

^^^ presenting the future doctors of America! #classof2018

^^^ med-school besties! we call ourselves #medicallyblonde

^^^ yeah... for some reason the photographer took a lot of pictures of me dancing.... I think it's because of how awkward I usually look! haha

^^^ prom planning committee!

^^^ this picture kills me every time hahah

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