Saturday, July 11, 2015

Beach 2015!

We spent last week in Carlsbad, CA with my entire extended Collins family!
It was a BLAST. 
Poor JP had to study like 5 hours a day for the bar while we were there but even he said it was more fun studying in CA than studying at home haha. 

The weather was perfect, the beach was amazing, and I think my family is hilarious so I was pretty much laughing non-stop the entire week!

We got to paddle board, boogie board, get Coldstone Ice Cream 5/7 days, play spike ball, go to food markets, etc etc. 
It was a DREAM. And my first time to Carlsbad. I'm obsessed!

^^^ Obviously had to have matching shirts. I'm pretty sure I wore mine every. single. day. 

^^^ Having some serious beach convo's

^^^ Dad, Sister, Brother, Me!

^^^ If you can get past how strangely red my face is, this tower was pretty freaking awesome!

^^^ Girl cousin pyramid!

^^^ All-cousin pyramid!

^^^ That amazing polka dot swimsuit I'm wearing came from this etsy shop! 
Her suits are my FAVORITE!

^^^ ummmm. yeah. this was unfiltered. Need I say more?

My extremely talented cousin Sophie made a short video from the week's adventures and it seriously captures how much fun we had all week perfectly!  You can watch it below (click the HD button!) or also by clicking HERE :)


  1. I was wondering where your sisters bathing suit came from in that photo? It is adorable!

  2. Carlsbad is the place to be. Such beautiful sunsets. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. That looks so lovely!

  4. Beautiful, I need a vacay like that! lol

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