Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A quick pit stop and then onto San Sebastian, Spain!

After our time in Villefranche was up, we started looping back around the country to our final destination - San Sebastian, Spain. 

However it's like an 8 hour drive so we decided to split it up!
We stopped for lunch in Aix-en-Provence (we ate lunch at the most delicious burger place! I think Europe has just recently discovered the magic of hamburgers because almost every single city we went to had a gourmet burger restaurant that was like the highest rated restaurant in the city! But anyways...)
we might have also accidentally stolen the shop owners keys.... but we have full intentions to mail them back to them! #JPsfault

Then that night we pulled into Carcassonne and stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast in the world! It was run by a husband and wife who had retired from Paris where he used to be a pastry chef! 
Needless to say, it was an amazing little place and there was also a real life castle in the town so that was pretty incredible to explore too!
(except getting to the correct town with our bed and breakfast was not the easiest thing we've ever done... turns out there are lots of tiny french towns and google maps likes to think that walking paths are actual roads so... we got into a tight situation more than once, literally haha) 

After a fantastic nights sleep we got up and continued to San Sebastian!
Which is seriously the hidden gem of Europe. You should probably google pictures of it right now because my pictures are not going to do it justice. 
It's like Newport beach meets Barcelona meets Paris. And then cooler than that. 
There are white sandy beaches, waves that you can surf, cobble stone streets with hundred year old buildings, it's considered to have the best food in Europe and it's nestled between 2 mountains so the views are like whoa!

Seriously we were blown away with how incredible of a place it was and are already planning how we're going to get back there!

^^^ JP just going in for a hug and kiss goodbye hahah

^^^ the cutest B&B!

San Sebastian!

^^^ JP was sooo happy about this meal haha you won't meet anyone who likes meat more than him!

^^^ I wish this did the view justice! 

But this brings us to the end of our European road trip! It was honestly the trip of a lifetime and we feel super lucky that we were able to go and that our BFF's were able to go with us! 

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  1. Oh my gosh it looks AMAZING! I'm excited to see more pics!