Saturday, June 6, 2015

Gorges du Verdon aka Grand Canyon of France!

(There's absolutely no way the pictures can do it justice, but I'll try anyway!)

About halfway through our trip we spent a day at Gorges du Verdon, an absolutely gorgeous river canyon who's water is bright turquoise due to the limestone that the canyon walls are made of. 
You can rent boats, go hiking, drive to lookout points, and rock climb all through the canyon and it is awesome. 

We were pretty lucky that we made it to the canyon and ended up having such a great time given the fact that:
>>  driving through Nice is a lot harder than we realized, 
>> there *might* have been spiders falling from the ceiling while we ate lunch in smallest town at the top of a mountain, 
>> and lets just say winding mountain roads aren't great if you're prone to car sickness (like 2/4 of us are...)

So I mean, if we can have a fantastic day even despite all that, you know this place must be pretty magical ;)