Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Proud to be an American:

This was my first time visiting our nation's capitol!
And my goodness, I loved every minute of it. 
From the Washington Monument to the Jefferson Memorial, to Arlington Cemetery and the Holocaust museum, there was not one thing we did that didn't absolutely live up to my expectations and floor me.
(besides not running into the president, I really had a good feeling that was going to happen!)

Sidenote: flying into Washington DC after being out of the country for 7 weeks was really something too, we were soo pumped when we started seeing American flags everywhere! haha

We stayed with our good friends Jenna and Mike and I have to say, that was probably the best part of the trip! We ate our way through DC (Baked & Wired, Old Ebbitts Grill, Hard Times Cafe, etc) which is always our favorite thing to do on trips (in case that isn't extremely obvious from most of my posts on here haha), and Jenna and Mike showed us all around town which was such a blast, we had so much fun! 

Arlington Cemetery:

Eastern Market:

 ^^^ apparently my bacon needed some inspecting

Jefferson Memorial:

The White House!

And now we've finally reached the last leg of our trip: NYC is up next!


  1. girl you are lookin so good! i'm serious. i don't know what happened in paris but you are even more gorgeous than when you left!

  2. how fun you stayed with jenna and mike!!!! also, when I came back from europe (and remember how I almost didn't make it?!!) I came soooo close to kissing the ground of the minneapolis airport. sweet heavens I've never been happier in my life.

  3. What a way to start your life together. How fun to see all of those meaningful places in the history of our great nation. You both look great. Enjoy it while you are there. SO many places to see...