Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crawdad Fishing!

This year we continued our tradition and headed up to Strawberry Reservoir to spend the morning catching crawdads!
Remember when we did this last year?? 

 This time there was less rain and more people invited to the feast, which meant we had a quota to fill! 
Luckily the crawdads haven't wised up over the years and armed with raw chicken legs on fishing poles we were able to catch more than enough haha. 

 ^^^ Beautiful Utah scenery! 
One of the things I learned this Summer after traveling across the world and up and around an entire continent, is to appreciate the beauty that I'm surrounded by here at home! 
There really is nothing like it.

 ^^^ Trying to escape, unsuccessfully. 

^^^ Kissing Crawdads!

The Feast!

 ^^^ Boiled Crawdads turn a lovely red color, as you can see haha

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