Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back in the Wedding Business!

JP and I attended our first wedding since we got back and it was the best!
That was something I really missed while in Europe, attending all the summer weddings! We got to catch up with lots of friends who we hadn't seen all summer and obviously spent some quality time out on the dance floor. 
(I still can't believe JP has turned me into someone who enjoys dancing! I'm absolutely terrible, but dancing with him is just so much fun!)

This wedding was for some of my old high school friends, and it was even more fun because it was at the same venue where I had my reception (almost 2 whole years ago - CRAZY!) and I love seeing how other people decorate it for their wedding!

PS- The bride's dress was gorgeous! It was one of the most unique dresses I've ever seen but looked absolutely fabulous on her!

^^^ handsome handsome handsome!

^^^ They served root beer floats and orange juice floats!

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