Saturday, August 3, 2013


We made it to London!!!
We chunnelled from Paris right into King's Cross Station (hello platform 9 3/4!) and made our way to our hotel before going out to eat at Nando's and stopping by the BYU London Centre! (be still my heart)

For the last two days we've been running ourselves ragged trying to see all of my old favorite spots!
St. Paul's, Borough Market, Primark, Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Fortnum & Mason, Harrod's, Portobello Road, etc etc. 
I think my favorite moment so far was walking through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens with JP after dinner until the sun went down! I have walked through those magical parks so many times and it was a dream being able to stroll through them with JP!
We also visited Jermyn Street and Savile Row -- both requested by JP. Apparently those are world-renowned streets for mens (and some women's) dress-wear, who knew?! 
The stores we explored were incredible though, we went into one called Huntsman and the cutest little (impeccably dressed) old salesman started telling me how Ronald Reagan, Katherine Hepburn, Winston Churchill and the like all used to come get their shirts, blazers, and suits made there. And then he showed me Clark Gable's signature in their sign-in book and Katherine Hepburn's actual patterns! I loved it. 
London is still my favorite place in the world, hands down. 
We leave tonight and have a layover in Ireland (a 10 hour layover... ha ha ha. We're spending the night in the Dublin Airport. For real.) And then we're off to Washington DC!


  1. Love these pictures! How fun for you guys! London will always be my favorite place in the world :)

  2. AHHHH DC!!!! i just got called to serve a mission there!!! cannot wait to see all your DC posts!

  3. I promised Jean Paul some restaurant recommendations for DC:
    Luke's Lobster - for the most amazing lobster and crab rolls you'll ever have.
    Matchbox - for pizza and/or a crabcake sandwich.
    Ted's Bulletin -for the Peanutbutter Bacon Burger, gigantic onion rings, and homemade poptarts (and for the fun black-and-white movies played on the wall there).
    Good Stuff Eatery - for the best burger/fries/milkshake you'll ever eat. Try the Milky Way Malt. You won't be sorry :)
    Acadiana - for the most amazing Cajun style seafood (expensive, but SO worth it).
    Potbelly - It's a chain here in the city, but their sandwiches and shakes are to die for.
    Eastern Market - for the best blueberry buckwheat pancakes you'll ever have (get there early if you want to snag these).

    Basically, just eat yourself silly in DC and worry about your tighter-fitting clothes later. Have fun!

  4. OH! *sigh*.. portobello road.... my heart! I don't know how you find time to blog being so busy traveling the world, but I'm certainly glad you do!