Saturday, September 1, 2012

Who's Your Crawdaddy?

This morning, at the crack of dawn, my family + a few friends loaded up in some cars and caravanned to Strawberry Reservoir to catch some crawdads

FYI: Crawdads (or Crayfish) are these lovely creatures that are a cross between a shrimp/lobster/crab and are found in fresh water. 

We braved the weather (it was raining, hard. We were drenched haha but it was all part of the experience!) and it was totally worth it. 

To catch crawdads you tie a raw chicken leg to a string and let it sink down between the rocks near the shore. 
Soon, you very gently pull it to the surface and usually there are anywhere between 1-7 crawdads latched on and going to town on the chicken leg. 

I think, between the 9 of us, we caught 200 in an hour. 

My family has done this for years, and Mr JP didn't really believe me/didn't want to believe me haha. 
But now he is officially part of the family, white trash traditions and all. 
And he might try to deny it, but he was loving catching those crawdads

The best part though, is eating them!
We invited our neighbors over, boiled them with corn and potatoes, and had a feast!


  1. Dear Grace,
    As someone who is fashion competent, could you write a short article about your thoughts on wearing white after Labor day?

  2. haha yes this is so great. i'm bummed we missed it!!

  3. We did that a couple of times when we lived in Utah ... So much fun!!!

  4. My family did that with some friends down in Lousiana a couple years back and it was such a blast!

  5. Looks good!


  6. Haha Aww they do these in Texas everywhere! Grace you are so darling!! I want ALL your outfits- seriously!