Monday, September 24, 2012

Big Kids Now

Over the weekend, Mr JP and I decided to take the plunge:
We signed up for our very own Costco Account!

You see, up until now we have been content to borrow someone else's card if a trip to Costco seemed necessary (I mean, how often do two people need a 4-pack of lunch meat or 2 gallons of milk at one time?) but there are certain things we like to buy there and it was becoming a hassle to keep borrowing other people's cards -- not to mention one time they wouldn't let Mr JP check out even though he had a full cart of groceries... he was a little angry, so we decided to avoid that ever happening again and now we have our own cards! Yay!

Our first purchase? A life size Minnie mouse for our niece Gwenna  haha
(she is turning 2 years old)

Aaaand I am pretty sure she thinks it's real and it's her best friend...


  1. Haha that's the best. We have always had a Costco membership. We love it. We can't buy very many fresh produce except spinach for green smoothies. And we can't do the milk but the eggs, toilet paper, snacks, paper towels, trash bags, etc.

  2. I LOVE COSTCO!!!! take me with you i'll be your childdddd

  3. I could spend hours in that dang store :) Especially on Saturdays when the samples are out! XX.