Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorites

This story-in-pictures just about brought me to tears (I think the only thing holding me together was the fact that I looked at it while in class haha)

If you have a facebook account, and are friends with some particularly political-minded people, you will find this absolutely hilarious. 

I'm a huge fan of this website I recently discovered, and have spent wayy too much time in class clicking through its pages and posts. 

For the past three days I have had this album playing in my ears pretty constantly. Download it. I'm in love. It's my favorite of theirs since Hot Fuss came out a million years ago.

Along that same thought, I am so-excited-I-can't-adequately-express-it-in-words for this album to come out!! ahhh!!!

My gorgeous cousin just left for a study abroad to London (I know, rip my heart out) and is keeping the cutest blog about her adventures! I check it daily so I can live vicariously through her.  

I also might have just ordered these shoes in brown from Urban Outfitters... they were on sale! And then my friend Rachel ordered them in black, so we can be twinsies!  (and split the cost of shipping haha)

Speaking of Rachel... 
I believe some congratulations are in order for her and her new fiancé!!

Aren't they a freakishly good-looking couple? I know. 

And the best part is (besides them living happily ever after) that I set them up!! 
I am so proud. It will be my greatest accomplishment until I have a child or something. 

Have a fabulous weekend!
I have 4 tests to study for, so chances are yours will be more fun than mine :)

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