Thursday, September 27, 2012

BYU Fashion Show

Haha, doesn't the title seem a bit like an oxymoron?

But this really happened. 
Over at the law school, Dillard's sponsored a fashion show for the law students with the purpose of educating them on the proper attire to wear to things like interviews, the courtroom, the office, cocktail parties, etc. 

The reps from Dillard's taught the students things like:

"You only get one chance to make a good first impression"
"don't wear jeans to an interview"
"dress to impress- you never know if your boss or a potential client is going to be there"

Things that may seem common sense to some, but you never know! 
For others, this little fashion show might have saved them from a lifetime of wearing bad ties at the wrong time or getting fired because they showed up to a company BBQ in basketball shorts... 
(that's never a good move, by the way)

Why am I even talking about this at all?
Because Mr JP was one of the cute models for the examples-of-what-you-should-wear clothes.
Aww... look at that model stance!

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  1. Hi Grace!

    I just read your entire blog...literally. Thank you for providing such a great distraction! I noticed that your husband is from South Africa. I am planning on studying abroad there Fall semester of 2013! Any places I should be sure to go visit or any things that I should do?