Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Do You Show Your Patriotism?

Starting about 3 years ago, my family has taken to expressing their pride of being an American by planting an American flag on the very top of Squaw Peak. 
and we end up doing it every year because someone keeps taking it down...

So this past Saturday, armed with a 4x6 foot American flag, 6 bags of cement, a couple gallons of water, and 3 metal rods that would be screwed and glued together to form a 20 foot tall flag pole, we started up the trail. 
Now if anyone reading this hasn't ever hiked Squaw Peak, let me paint a little mental image of the trail: 
5 miles straight up. 

I was dying. 

You'd think that since I have hiked up this trail at least once a year since I was 4 years old that it would get easier, but no. 
In fact I think it keeps getting harder. 
But we made it! Cement and all.

So if you live in Provo, UT and care to take a look up at Squaw Peak, you can just make out a lovely 20 foot tall flag pole with old glory flying at the top.

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