Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday was really awful:

Yesterday was awful. 
One for the record books, really. 
I have to say it is rare I classify a whole day as a "bad day" but yesterday definitely made that list. 

Exhibit A) I arrive at my 8 AM class that requires a calculator, only to discover that one of the AA batteries (the calculator requires 4, which is an atrocity in its own right) has self imploded and leaked acid all over the other 3, therefore rendering my calculator useless to me. 

Exhibit B) For my 10 AM class, I realized my iClicker is broken as well (an iClicker is a fancy device professors use to efficiently quiz students in large classes) so I ran to buy a new one (see ya $40) and then apparently dropped my brand-new iClicker on my way to my class and, upon realizing I didn't have it with me anymore, had to retrace my steps frantically in an attempt to find it (but I did indeed find it, phew)

Exhibit C) After my lovely 10 AM class, I walk out to my car to find a surprise from the BYU police on the windshield. BAM. Ticket. Kill me. 

Exhibit D) Then I drop my iPhone and the front screen SHATTERS. Completely. 

Exhibit E) In my next class, I am on my laptop taking notes/doing a homework assignment and it dies. And of course I didn't think to bring the charger because aren't laptop batteries supposed to hold a charge longer than 1 hour? 

Exhibit F) Then my phone dies -rendering it more useless than before, which I hadn't considered to be possible.  

So there I was, no laptop, no phone, with 3 hours left of class until I would get to go home, and two assignments to complete before midnight (it is 6 PM at this point).

When I did finally make it home, the only thing that prevented me from bursting into tears as soon as I walked through the door was Mr JP's offer to go buy me a chocolate-chip-cookie-dough cupcake from The Sweet Tooth Fairy, which I took him up on. 

Sorry there are no pictures to go with this post, but I want to block this whole day from my memory, and pictures tend to do the opposite haha. 


  1. oh MY GOSH grace i'm so sorry! That literally is the worst day ever. Hey, it can only get better right?

  2. This is so sad!!! BYU police are awful. I hope your day got better! By the way, you are super cute!

  3. This was a day of electronic failures that came with a bonus ticket. Good job at not crying! Sweet Tooth Fairy makes everything better...

  4. After such a bad day....I can think of only one thing to make it totally tickets to Vienna!!!! We will have no bad days when you come!

  5. Aww man that is awful! Hope today is a better day!