Sunday, December 1, 2013

O Christmas Tree!

I really don't know if I was more excited for Thanksgiving... or the day after Thanksgiving so I could finally Christmas-tize mine and JP's apartment! 
I may or may not have planned out exactly how and what I was going to decorate a week ago... it's fine. 
Here's a glimpse of our tree! We haven't quite graduated to a real tree yet, maybe when we have a real front door... (currently living in a basement we access through a garaged, and *full disclosure* we feel incredibly lucky to live here! The lack of a front door is my only complaint. Also maybe covered parking would be nice in the winter. Tangent over.)

But until then, this little fakey works just fine. I've grown rather fond of it actually. JP on the other hand always takes a bit of warming up to the Christmas decorations, but after a few days he inevitably will start to express enjoyment at the fact that our apartment looks and smells like Christmastown ;) 
 As I was setting it all up I could hardly believe this is the third Christmas JP and I will be celebrating together married! 

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